Windows Update Notifier - V1.5.0

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Released: Sep 15, 2015
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Application WindowsUpdateNotifier-V1.5.0
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Application Language Pack - Chinese (Simplified)
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Application Language Pack - Chinese (Traditional)
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Application Language Pack - Czech
application, 4K, uploaded Sep 15, 2015 - 111 downloads
Application Language Pack - Dutch
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Release Notes

- New design for the "Metro-Style" popup to look more like the metro popup in Windows 8.1
- Ignore "Windows 10 Upgrade Info" when searching for new updates (see issue 27)
- Added support for defining "Additional Kb Ids to install" in the settings dialog (see issue 15)
- Fixed issue 21: Ignore case in path comparison

- Corrected menu location if the current culture uses a right to left layout.
- Corrected menu location if the taskbar is placed to another position than the bottom of the screen
- Hide menu after opening the settings dialog.
- Optimizations for different screen resolutions.
- Added Polish translation (thanks to Marek).

- Fixed issue 16: Version 1.4.0 crash by start (because of a missing config file).

- New design for the context menu (which appears when clicking on the systemtray icon)
- Show the new context menu on left an right click
- Show number of updates in the system tray icon
- Added support for the command line argument -settingsFile, which allows to specify a custom settings file to load
- Minor bug fixes

- Added "Disable Notification" to the application settings so it will be persisted upon application life time
- Corrected the kb-id of windows defender updates for windows 7
- Updated Portuguese translation.
- Added Swedish translation (thanks to Peter Tillman)
- Added Russian translation (thanks to FrosT).
- Added Czech translation (thanks to Martin Buchta).
- Added Frensh translation (thanks to etiennerando).
- Added Chinese translation (thanks to luoxiaowu).
- Added Spanish translation (thanks to cesar bredice).
- Added Lithuanian translation (thanks to Petras Kimbrys).
- Added Japanese translation (thanks to Ryou Kamiie).
- Updated Dutch translation (thanks to Mazrim Taim).

- Fixed popup-position if the current culture uses right to left layout.
- Changed handling of the -closeAfterCheck command line switch (see CommandLine arguments)
- Added Turkish translation (thanks to Çağdaş Tatar)

- Set Icon-state correctly after installing updates via the Windows Update Panel
- Added Finnish translation (thanks to Jani Lunden)

- Added About-Dialog (can be opend by left-clicking on the system-tray icon)
- Windows Update Notifier now informs about new available releases of the application
- Added Italian translation (thanks to Carlo Teodori)

- Added a new feature, which enables to automatically install Windows Defender Updates
(as it is anoying to install them every day) (see Settings Dialog for more info).
- Fixed issue 3: Not obeying "Search for Updates" interval

- Added Portuguese translation (thanks to Igor Rückert)
- Added Dutch translation (thanks to Dirk Schuermans)
- Minor improvements to handle too long texts correctly.

- Updated version to 1.0 as this version is not in test state anymore.
- Signed the application with a strong key.
- Added some CommandLine arguments (see CommandLine arguments)
- Added German language pack (Installation Instructions).
- Ensure that only one instance of the application is running. If a second instance is started, the settings dialog of the first instance is opened (see issue Cannot access settings).

- Added Settings dialog for changing update interval and configuring the app as auto startup.
- Select between two popup-styles: The Windows 7 Style and the Metro Style.
- Hide the system tray icon when no updates are available.

- bugfix: do not inform about hidden updates (which are hidden via the windows update control panel)
- added possibility for disabling popup-notification temporarily (updates will be searched but no popup will be shown). Can be useful for disabling notifications during presentations.

- popup redesign
- if connection to the update-service can not be established, retry every 30 seconds. After 10 iterations search every hour for updates.

- search for new updates every hour
- added icons for the three states: searching, updates found, no updates available

- informs about updates via a popup
- enables to open the windows uipdate dialog directly
- is shown as a icon in the system tray

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