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Installation Instructions

How to install

Download the zip and extract it anywhere you want to have program located.
After starting the application it can be set to "start on system startup" via the Settings Dialog.

How to update from a previous version

If you have a previous version of the Windows Update Notifier installed, simply replace the old exe-file with the new one from the downloaded zip-archive (ensure that the application is not currently running).

If you want to store the new version at a different location than the old version, you have to start the application (one time only) and set the auto-start settings again. This is needed to ensure that the new location is updated in the auto-start settings.

Language Packs

To install a language pack for the Windows Update Notifier just download the appropriate zip archive and extract the folder for your language (e.g. "de" for german translations) to the location of the WindowsUpdateNotifier.exe.

The folder structure then looks as follows:

 | --  WindowsUpdateNotifier.exe
 + --  de
       | --  WindowsUpdateNotifier.resources.dll

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ChristophPangerl Feb 2, 2013 at 6:45 AM 
Thanks for offering your help.
I have added a page [Translations] to the documentation section. There you can download a excle sheet which contains all the texts of the application.

igorruckert Feb 1, 2013 at 7:30 PM 
Will help and add Brazilian Portuguese translation, how should I proceed?