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Extra updates listed are actually drivers - revised WindowsUpdate API search string


The WindowsUpdate API search string should probably be "IsInstalled=0 and Type='Software' and IsHidden=0" so that Driver updates do not get included in the update count.

It was driving me crazy because WUN v1.5 was saying I had 9 updates available but if I went to the Control Panel, Windows 10 would not offer me anything.

I found out what those 9 updates were by use of 'WuInstall' /xmlout - which strangely included an AMD CPU update even though I have an Intel chip (but whatever).

I looked up the API and am pulling down the source to try to add a checkbox for 'exclude drivers' so that it is kind of like the 'exclude KB' section.

Or, it might be easier for you to do it, I'm just not an expert coder even though I work at MS, in a non-dev role.