Ignore case in path comparison

Hi, first of all, thank you for this wonderful tool! I would like to have a few modifications concerning comparisons of paths, though. Attached you'll find a ZIP archive containing two source f...

Id #21 | Release: None | Updated: Aug 13 at 9:23 AM by DanyR | Created: Aug 13 at 9:23 AM by DanyR

New option needed

Option to check for updates only once a day even if you restart the computer.

Id #19 | Release: None | Updated: Apr 30 at 5:18 PM by black_ps | Created: Apr 30 at 5:18 PM by black_ps

Feature request: Also install dictionary updates automatically

In addition to Windows Defender updates, another frequent routine type of routine is (on my English Windows 8.1 PC) "Update for the English Input Personalization Dictionary". It would be ideal if...

Id #15 | Release: None | Updated: Aug 9 at 12:52 PM by daymz | Created: Mar 3 at 3:16 AM by feedback1

Handling of classes of update

WUN has the option to handle WD updates automatically and all others handled differently according to other settings. Windows Update lists updates in classes, such as security, or recommended, or...

Id #8 | Release: None | Updated: Jun 7, 2013 at 8:59 PM by Trespasser | Created: May 5, 2013 at 12:12 AM by Stilez

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