Contribute a few changes

Oct 31, 2013 at 12:58 AM
Hi Christoph,

today I did make a few changes. Now the update notification does distinguish between recommended and optional updates. (Normally I'm just interessted in recommended update notifications). Additionally I want to change a few more things, for example a left click on the tray icon should open windows update in the control panel. Is there a special reasons for the about-box on left-click? Would be interesting to know you thoughts here. I also want to add notifications (or at least a check) for available Windows-Store updates.

The changes are mainly for myself, but in case you or others are interested: do you want me to fork the project or use a branch or something else?

Big Big Thank you for making this tool. Did miss that feature since the first win8 days.

Kind regards
Nov 2, 2013 at 8:45 AM
Hi Jens,

would be nice if you share your changes. To fork the project would be a good way. After implementing your changes you can just create a pull-request and I can merge the changes.

What do you mean by "distinguish between recommended and optional updates."? Is it possible to change it in the settings?

The thing with the About-dialog is, that I just want to show the information about the application in a way, that do not interfere the user to much. And i think, a popup which close itself when it loses the focus is a good way. Also other apps like Dropbox or Skydrive do it in the same way...
What do you think about a double left click to open the control panel instead if a single left click?

Kind regards
Nov 4, 2013 at 2:58 PM
Hi Christoph,

i did create the fork and submitted my changes. I've to mention, that there is some work left. For example the popup notification now tells you how many important and optional updates are available. This increases the text in a way, so it doesn't fit into the metro-popup anymore. I try to look into that shortly.

So, what is changed in that version:
  • the tray icon could be hidden, in case only optional updates are available
  • the tray menu has another row, so it could display the count of recommended and optional updates
  • there is a new setting, where a user can choose to hide the tray icon, in case only optional updates are available
  • clicking on the tray icon opens windows update dialog
  • reordered and renamed some options in the tray menu
  • added an About-menu to the tray icon
I did update the english and german translation as well.

Regarding the About dialog. Normally a user expects the left click has to do something with the main functionality of the application. In the dropbox-client you see the last changed files and could go directly to the dropbox folder or website. That's fine. The current WUN about-dialog provides an update function in case a newer version is available. But that's it. I can't do anything else here. I always find myself clicking on the icon just to realize, i can't reach the updates this way. In my opinion double-click is not a good option. It should be intuitive. I don't think it's intuitive if a click and a double-click do different things on a tray icon.

Kind regards
Nov 5, 2013 at 6:17 PM

Great job. I like the idea of showing the number of important and optional updates in the popup.
Yeah, I know that the metro-popup does not resize itself. It was easier to implement it that way ;-)
But it should not be that difficult to change this behaviour.

I also tested your implementation of the left click behavior. I must admit that it make sense at all to open the update window with a left click.

So I'm looking forward to your further changes :-)