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The Settings Dialog

In the settings dialog the settings of the Windows Update Notifier can be changed. The settings are saved in the users "application data" folder. Thus no admin-rights are required for changing the settings of the application.

Users "application data" folder:

Settings Dialog

Start Windows Update Notifier on system starup

If checked and the tool is started without administrator rights, a shortcut in the users startup folder to the WindowsUpdateNotifier.exe will be created.

Users startup folder:
C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

If checked and the tool is started with administrator-rights, it will delete the shortcut and create a scheduled task instead. If the tool is started again without admin-rights, the tool checks that a task already exists and nothing will be changed.

Hide trayicon when no updates are available

If checked, the system tray icon will be hidden when no updates are available. As soon as new updates are found, the icon will be shown again.

If you want to change the settings, but the try icon is hidden because no updates are available, just start the application again (double click WindowsUpdateNotifier.exe). This cause the settings dialog of the first application instance to be opened.

Disable notification popups

Disables all notifaction popups (e.g. information about available updates or installed updates)

Use metro-style for notification popup

If checked, a metro-style popop will be used for update notifications.
Otherwise a Windows 7 like balloontip will be used.

Search for updates interval

This value (in minutes) defines, in which interval the application searches for updates.

Install Windows Defender updates automatically

This feature automatically downloads and installs the updates for the Windows Defender (updates for KB2267602). No other update will be affected by enabeling this feature.

To automatically install the updates for the Windows Defender, the Windows Update Notifier must be setup to run as an administrator. See here, how to achieve this.

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The explanation for option Start Windows Update Notifier on system startup is incorrect. The startup folder is no longer being used when this option is checked.