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Translate Window Update Notifier

Would you like to translate Windows Update Notifier into your native language?
Simply download the following excle sheet. It contains all texts of the application.


Translate them and send the translated excel sheet to:

Already translated languages:

(Language Packs can be found on the download page)

- Chinese (thanks to luoxiaowu)
- Czech (thanks to Martin Buchta)
- Dutch (thanks to Dirk Schuermans & Mazrim Taim)
- English (no Language Pack needed)
- Finnish (thanks to Jani Lunden)
- Frensh (thanks to etiennerando)
- German
- Italian (thanks to Carlo Teodori)
- Japanese (thanks to Ryou Kamiie)
- Lithuanian (thanks to Petras Kimbrys)
- Polish (thanks to Marek)
- Portuguese (thanks to Igor Rückert)
- Spanish (thanks to cesar bredice)
- Swedish (thanks to Peter Tillman)
- Turkish (thanks to Çağdaş Tatar)

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